Soca Ambassadors Promos is a full-service, event marketing wing with expertise extending from coverage, hospitality, logistic support for world-class events. Soca Ambassadors DIVERSION MANAGEMENT brings together the industry’s most reliable creation team, resourceful monetization tools, and instant multimedia delivery platforms for all sporting AND special events. The precise logistic requirements of event organizers and associated businesses for indoor and outdoor championship games.


We believe in the tradition of celebrating life’s most memorable occasions and enjoying them to the fullest. If you are interested in hosting a fun-filled event, like a mascaraed ball, wedding anniversary, birthday party, or any special event, Soca Ambassadors Promos is the perfect choice! You can use our expertise to make it an unforgettable one. As an event planning management company, we dedicate ourselves to delivering the most exquisite quality theme parties, which are also conducive to your price point.


We are engaged in offering Artist and DJ Management Services. Celebrities representing vast and diverse areas of entertainment have proven to be an asset to spice up any event. We host soca celebrities, whom are larger than life to meet the needs of their fans. Our professionals provide excellent communication skills and can engage celebrities for personal appearances, after dinner speaking engagements, product launches, presentations, concerts and various other types of events. As we continue to foster a prosperous relationship with the Soca industry, we help our clients to get the best deals available in the market.


Soca Ambassadors Promos has held and supported a vast array of different types of events with the utmost professionalism and quality. Our overarching goal is to guarantee your message is delivered in the best possible light. Much as we would like to stay indoors and keep warm, we look forward to the opportunity to show our creativity outdoors through live events, such as concerts and ceremonies. Exceptional creativity, conceptual capability, and management expertise combined are exhibited through our live outdoor events. Our services range from securing the venue, concept development, project management, designing and creating lighting and sound, and much more creative services.


Today the ultimate challenge for companies is to preserve & boost your competitive edge and achieve more significant market share. That is why we provide our clients with smart & straightforward marketing strategies with appropriate promotional tools which will help you deliver not only the market share but also consumers mindshare.

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