Our Services

Our Services

Soca Ambassadors is your One-Stop Business Solution for Carnival Promotions and Event Management. Our goal is to provide robust, compelling promotional solutions that create promotional outreach and strengthen existing relationships between mas bands and promoters’ target audience. To that end, we promise our clients the following:

  • To advertise products and services in a professional manner-both domestically and aboard.
  • To utilize the lastest management system and video content tools to drive customer-focused on a selection that is impactful and measurable.
  • To constantly develop and provide innovative ways to support mas bands on loyalty value within their client base.  
  • To employ individuals that have honed their skills with a diverse background in the carnival and event business solutions.
  • To offer Customer Service that is knowledgable, dedicated and always on call-after hours, on the weekend and during holidays.
  • The achievement of our mission is at the foundation of our ability to provide superior value to our clients and partners worldwide.

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